Five Conquers All Numbers Alive

Five be the number for I
'Tis better than kaiser or rye
Bread? I've no idea why
But five brings a tear to my eye
A happy sort of cry

Five is the ideal age
Just entering life's grand stage
Five walls and a door make a cage
Count to five to beat a rage
Some books start on the fifth real page

Five points to a house
Five limbs to a mouse
Five minutes to rouse
Five letters to 'douse'
Five kids with your spouse

Five, five, you're five-times blessed
By far better than all the rest
All other numbers fail the test
The fifth Fibonacci, and thus the best
Five items of clothing, a man's fully dressed

There's a reason for five letters in 'great'
So if you want to remain my mate
You'll remember to never ever berate
Negative (three add on eight)
Or I'll have to set you straight

The End

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