Thank you!

To the Emotional animal,the Wolfe.
The creative Stargazer.
And the one who did it,Tyler.
A thank you poem...
hope you like it...

Ink, a powerful invention,

Time, a chaotic force,

Has brought our generation,

Nothing of course!


As ink knows not time,

And time knows not ink,

But when creative minds,

Find talent's pin,


They wear them with pride,

And share strong thoughts,

And bring us a tide,

Of powerful emotions.


They show us worlds,

We knew not before,

Of beautiful girls,

And men of fierce honour,


Yet they go further,

And brings beasts near,

Living with us forever,

Our inner most fears,


They teach compassion,

And boasts great wisdom,

With ink they fashion,

Their own great freedom.


I thank you now,

For your contributions,

And I humbly bow,

In gratification.


Please continue to share your thoughts…

 Ink and time… have found favor with you three…


The End

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