My Fault

I reported illegal activity of someone I knew. They are facing legal consequences. I don't necessarily feel bad for reporting them, but I don't feel bad. I had to write this to get those thoughts out.

I did not intend for this to happen.

I just wanted it to stop, but it wouldn’t.

The room filled with toxic fumes,

Twisting around and choking me.

Empty bottles piled in the trash,

Incenses to cover their misdeeds.

I had enough, time to break my silence.


At ten there was a knock at the door.

The officer mentioned a complaint,

They deny it. Do they suspect me?

Drawers searched, secrets revealed.

No more dealing, no more smoking,

I hope. It was the right thing to do.

But how was I supposed to know.


How was I to know what they had?

I didn’t know about the hard drugs.

I didn’t know this happened before.

I didn’t know she would go to jail.

I didn’t know they could be sent home.

I didn’t know, okay? I just didn’t.

I didn’t want to call, but I did anyways.


I feel like I should regret my actions,

But I don’t. Should I? I don’t know.

Am I a bad person; am I a snitch?

No legal repercussion for me, I’m safe.

I may have destroyed their lives,

But they were in the wrong, right?

Can anyone trust me after this?

The End

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