My Fat AquaintenceMature

okay this is about a fat aquaintence who complains of pain but insists its not her to be blamed and so won't change her ways.

I have a very fat aqquaintence

who complains from suffering pain

I am running out of my patience

but who does she think is to blame?


it's not the fast food chains

the nurses or doctors fault

for even though she claims

she doesn't eat much salt


but her arteries beg to differ

collecting plaque and blood cells

causing them to get stiffer

soon there will be alarm bells

causing at worst a stroke

and she'll look

like the stroke advert bloke

oh no fook

they did not get to her in time

we did not see the signs

quick enough so then she flat lined

and now the clock it chimes

notifying us the time of her final breath

and the arrival of that black hooded fellow called death!








The End

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