My Family

I was born without a family.

I moved through life searching.

Craving parents, brothers, sisters, lovers

who wouldn't abandon me as I turned ugly

who would be bound to me by blood

who would be proud of my accomplishments

who would stop me from doing stupid things

who would love me

even after realizing I am so far from perfect.

You found me

and you loved me,

like I never thought a human could.

Your mother became my mother,

your father became my father,

and we built a haven together,

my own home in this place

I felt so lost for so long

but finally I belonged

and I felt so free, so beautiful, so lovely.

But then, we were only a family

when I was good,

and as I broke and made mistakes,

I lost all my love and was replaced.

And now I stand, outside, so stupid in my shame

to ever think I deserved to be treated the same.

I wish it could have been me

to share your eternity,

but I'm just a magazine you picked up off the floor

in a waiting room,

and was left behind so soon.

The End

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