My Family

This poetry describes my family in brief. Please describe your family also through your poetry.

My family is a nice family,

there are 4 members,

Me, my sister, my father and my mother.

My sister is a Nice girl,

My Father is a nice Dad and

My Mother is a nice mom.

And it is clear that I am also a nice guy.

My Father is a professor,

My mother also works,

My sister is a college student,

I study in a school.

My mother is a best cook,

My sister is best as a Friend,

My father is a good Manager,

I am quite  good in computing.

My father likes only good food,

My mother likes likes Ayurveda,

my Sister likes her college life and 

I like my school life.

So the conclusion is that,

Every family has unity,

but with some diversity.

The End

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