My Fairytale

I don't want to look like her

Though you can take her off the shelf and play all day

For when years have swept  her plastic youth away

And she is bare,

Her perfected beauty trashed

Leads to your despair

I will be the one to wipe your tears

To show you the way without fear

For I am the Plain Jane

Who's waited for this moment to appear

When I run my fingers through your hair

And kiss the forehead there

You'll know that I am right for you.

That this love is true.

So when you see that doll face shine,

With opened eyes of permanence

So pristine and adjusted to the flawless

With lips set to a smile

Just know that it will only last a while,

Eventually that molded look will crack

Exposing all and nothing is a matter of fact,

And truth be told you'll never want it back.

The moral of this semi tragic tale,

Is know the one who will keep you without fail.

The one that never lies or has to hide

Behind the fragile glass of made up looks and hair.

For the other will wither

Even with her constant care.

Instead of her turn to the one that's always by your side.

That stayed with you even when you shied away from what was real.

She knew that dream with all it's appeal

Would one day fade

And you'd eventually come back.

To find her open heart and hand,

and hold them both close forever.

For In this land,

The model does not win the prince.

And this is my fairytale!

The End

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