My Faceless Friend.

Thank you, my faceless friend, for all you've done for me, and know that I'll always love you :)

When does 'just a friend' become something more?
How does someone you've never seen become
More than the world, someone you would die for?
How can someone with no face, at least none
That I can see, move my iron heart so?      
How can typed words console me in a way
That spoken words will never ever know?
Can a faceless friend know just what to say?

I don't know when he became someone more,
I don't know why he has stayed by my side,
I don't know since when I'd die for him,
I don't know why he typed the words he'd typed.
All I know is that, My Dear Faceless Friend,
I love you, til the very very end.

The End

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