My eyes hurt, but that's only because you're good.

As forementioned, this is to be a means of using 'poetry' to describe your favorite poet/s. Feel free to put in more than one.



'The people look like flowers at last' he said

And then he went

with a gravestone marked

'Don't try.'


He stripped away the form

The rhyme,

and the beauty

and left me silent every time.


Abusive fathers

cruel women

and a lot of drink

Seem to make for a good poet.





Once, he wrote ‘Love is a dog from hell’

And maybe you won’t,

But I smiled when I saw those words.

There was someone else.


Someone who had struggled

Through fifty years

With little recognition

And even less love.


‘Hank’ doesn’t look down from anywhere now,

His existence, proof that we all just wait for the worms,

the women and the madness.

Sitting back in his chair he would repeat:

‘a farce

a farce

    a farce.’

The End

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