my everything

6.17.10 <3 DSL & a deuce fer life ^_^

i can't seem to write anymore.
the words just won't come.
it wasn't enough for you to take my heart,
you needed everything, huh?

you say you've been hurt
but you don't understand pain
not this kind of pain that i have
we all have our own...

you have to trust me,
let me pull you under the surface
of this ocean of tears and broken dreams
because without you i'm nothing.

i don't remember how to 
smile without you,
i can't seem to laugh 
like you make me do.

when i'm here 
& you're there
it's killing me &
soon there's nothing

left to have but pain and guilt
because somehow this is all
my fault & i know that one day
you'll be like them too

& you're going to leave, 
because nothing lasts forever
at least i've accepted that fact
so i won't be disappointed.

but if the day comes & 
you're faced with that choice
i'm hoping
that you make the right one

but if that day comes & you 
have to choose, i'm hoping
that it'll be me & that 
your feelings are unchanged

pinky promise to follow your heart
no matter where it leads
you'll never be too far away
& i promised never to leave

despite the distance
despite the difference
despite everything
that you'll still 'always' love me.

till death do us part,
i promise forever & ever
amen, cuz you are my everything
& without you, there's nothing.

The End

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