My Doomed Cyber LoveMature

My Doomed Cyber Love


I’m still floating on air filled with massive fantasies

I’m here still stuck even now, we’re on our own galaxies,

When will I have enough of thinking of you? My cyber love

 Our memories together are all gone now, flown away up high above.


Back to reality, I sleep feeling lost and all alone

Coping up the pain from a broken bone

Waiting for a call on my phone

From a voice of a manly tone


But there was not even a single ring

From someone I truly cling

Now I sleep with my live teddy bear

To ease up the sores you did and feel much better


I was there for your love as you’ve said, to tie a knot 

But I guess it was a lie you were there for me for what?

I said I wasn’t there just to scratch some itch

When You said, stop acting like a childish bitch


 All that was left is a silly song, every rose has its torn

That might scrape my skin, bleed and mourn

Don’t worry dear, I won’t let you wound me so badly

Remember my name?  I’m a flower too, an endangered poison ivy

The End

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