My Dog Ate My Homework!

Ever had to make an excuse because you forgot or lost your home work? This wacky poem is about a kid who is explaining a common excuse made by most students "My dog ate his homework!" Full of fun sentences that will leave you on the edge of your seat!


It really is true!

he munched on it and crunched on it and he bit it and chewed.

he cooked spelling for the starter,with something that totally reeks!

And with words of the week: slip, shake, and cheese.

Math was main course.

Mmm! number stew!

He gave me a sip, it was really nice too!

he added some salt, subtracted the pepper, the multiplied the veggies to make it all better!

I see your getting angry, maybe i'll skip dessert.

Though it was that school report on designing a T-shirt.

I understand if you don't believe me, and it was a pleasant chat. But all of this is a big fib cause my dog is really a cat!


The End

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