My Destiny

to know you're future is one of the scariest things to know.

I know my future.

Its clear to me

I know it will be true.

I can't change it because I don't want it to change.

It's my destiny.

I know my future.

It seems sunshine to others.

but deep inside of my future self its all but that.

 I know how my life will go in broad lines.

I know how it will end.

I know what will hurt me the most.

My aim in life will be to help others,

to give them a better life in any way.

Help everyone no matter what.

To sacrifice myself bit by bit to help.

I find the love of my life.

Due to my own mistakes she will leave me.

This is when I start to fall.

To fall deeper and deeper.

Misery and inner pain.

To my friends I will not show it.

I will say: "I am alright"

the truth is I won't be.

I will hide inside my shell.

Not accepting the help they are willing to give.

The pain will kill me slowly.

I will perform worse and worse.

untill one day my biggest fear comes true.

I die alone.

The End

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