My Death Was My Happiness

Summary of My life

You think I am one of the happier guys,

But look past my fake smile and observe all the lies.

I walk through the tortures of the day,

Just waiting to be home to ease the pain away.

I sit in my room with this one thought of fading hope,

Would my life be solved with a tug of a rope?

My sadness runs over me like a child in a flood,

While the razor gets familiar with the shade of my blood.

I look at you and speak with a silent voice,

You can't help me, it's not my choice.

I take my last breath and close my eyes,

I wish you could see past all the lies.

To lend a hand or even an ear,

So you could have a reason to cheer.

I go to school with a smile on my face,

Knowing that after today, I finally leave this place.

I go home and enter my dark-lit room,

To grab my friend to save me from doom.

He to me, shares the warmth of the sun,

Only because my friend is really a gun.

I placed him towards my head and pulled the trigger,

My death was my happiness, who would have figured...

The End

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