My Dear Sister

Waves crash silently in on our feet,
We been through it all.
We have seen defeat.

We laughed, we cried,
We cursed all the guys,
For their spiteful ways and pathetic lies.

The sun sets in around us,
It seals our friendship,
Tightens our trust.

I remember when I was very small.
All I ever had to do it call and
You would pick me up each time I would fall.

You sat patiently with boxes of tissues
When I ever needed you, you were there.
Put on my make-up, braided my hair.

You taught me how to face my biggest fears.
Gave me wise knowledge
Beyond my years.

So now I sit here in grains of golden sand,
Retelling our memories,
Clutching your hand.

Then we watch a white ship sail past in the warm darkness,
Laughing at the expressions we so stupidly wrote,
"I bet there is no caviar on that boat."

But my love for you goes beyond this sea,
My dear Sister,
That is how big your heart really is to me.

The End

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