My Dear Romeo!

How long have you waited for the soulmate you always dreamed about? This poem is about how patience and faith sometimes takes you to your happy place that you always deserved!

I write and speak like a poet,

Though that is something I am not,

With hundreds and thousands of thought,

Day and night and through years I have fought.

Don't you know,all these times,

How much I have suffered?

If you were the one made for me,

Why was your name never uttered?

With impatience and sometime with envy,

My world turned darker and darker,

While all these time the light was in you,

That could make my life brighter.

Oh my dear Romeo!may be Juliet isn't my name,

Still I know you love me and you know I feel the same.

A bond of love that I have discovered now,

A bond so old still new,

My faith in you never disappeared,

While the years I waited for you!

The End

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