The one who can
tranquillize my soul.
Breaking & entering
through the broken key hole.
So intrinsically multi shaded
those keys are known to be,
complicated; percolated
black keys fit me perfectly.

We were destined to be perfection in our

wrong kind of circumstance

loving me was pure luck

but finding you was plain chance.

But everything that felt good

never seemed to be right, 

so we dressed up our pain really, really pretty

so we controlled the fight.


But what holds me to you or you to me

is true beauty so that

simply it will always be.

But I will say, for all the times I jumped

I hated that you would jump too, 

what if death took you without me?

in the end what am I without you.?


 Beautiful gaurdian,

I'll love you even after my last breath of  life

but if I do happen to slip away whilst your head is turned

 Please don't cry. Just look up 

I'll be the one brightest in the sky

The End

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