My dear friend

Wrote this about a friend

To my dear friend
Your hair falls so elegantly,
Past your shoulders giving you a divine beauty.
The light brown of it going ever so well with the pale complexion of your skin.
Your hair sways like the oceans on a hot summers day.
So everlasting and calm, so beautiful i my ears and eyes.
The deep blue of your eyes shows a depth no others have seen.
They move as if a fairy had seduced me.
So beautiful, like the fresh scent of a sea breeze or that of a forest:
Your hair, eyes, skin and body are greater than that of nature so gracefully they work together.
So divine you are that, you even surpass nature.
Your mind so charming that you would have wooed Jacob into love.
So youthful yet wise your soul is so beautiful
But in the end you had me mesmerised by your deep alluring beautiful blue eyes.

The End

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