My Dear

For Claire.

It tasted too sweet, but that’s the first sign.
It tasted so sweet and you were bitter still, my dear.
You wanted me to love you, but not touch you.
You wanted me close, but not so close.

You filled me up with love and left.
You wanted to be brave but didn’t know how.
My dear, don’t pretend you’re being brave now,
Because you know I can see right through you.

How can you blame me for your shortcomings?
How can you blame me for your fears?
How can you expect me to carry you
If you won’t even let me hold your hand?

You left fingerprints on my skin that healed as scars,
You kissed me so hard my lips bled.
I’m trying so hard to be strong and support you,
But I’m too weak and you’re so heavy.

The End

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