My Dear

Mother always says

don't worry my dear

I'll always be here

and keep you near


Leave your trouble at My feet

there where earth and sky meet

the perfect  place

for all the challenges you face


Think of laughing eyes

the sunlight and warmth of My embrace


Remember the vacations at the sea

and everything you've always wanted to be


Dream about playing in the willow trees

following the honeybees flower to flower so pleased


My dear...

Leave your troubles at My feet

there where body and soul meet

the grounding place

for all the chaos you face


Rest beside me

as I tell you of all to see

capture every moment

life's memorabilia


Enjoy the time you have

I'll give you all you need

even enough for what you want

Never say you can't


Treasure the hills you climb

and the oceans you have to cross

here we grow

and find peace of mind


My dear....

Leave your troubles at my feet

there where you and I shall meet

My presence a familiar place

until you see my face

The End

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