My Darling, Emma

Little rhyme thing I threw together yesterday. W00t.

My darling Emma, 
I hope you're doing well,
Because as my heart resides in my own man-made hell
That isn't what I want for you;
Not today, not ever,
Even if it's two months later and your name still sends a shiver down my spine
Every time it falls from the lips of someone who doesn't understand our love.
I've tried to understand the reasons you left pinned to the door,
Like a Martin Luther before,
But my head can't wrap around the sound you made you said was fake,
Because what kind of heart could lie about loving me?
What kind of girl could pretend to be my friend for four long years,
To fake being the only girl that wasn't a mistake to date?
My dearest Emma,
I know you're long gone to some warmer state,
So I'm trying to recreate my life before you were my first mate, 
But moving on means more than removing your name from my contacts,
And getting over you isn't as easy as I'm make-believing it is. 
This is the final letter I'll write before I try once more to remove you from me heart,
And try to start and restart my life,
To take part in a world that doesn't revolve around you like it used to-
Like I'm so used to.
Farewell, my Emma,
And hopefully the next time I see your name,
It won't rekindle that eternal flame that won't stay tame inside me.
I'm putting my pen down, now.
To disallow my heart to spill any more of my thoughts.
Goodbye, Emma.
Hopefully my stomach will be able to handle all of these shots.

The End

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