Turn it back
Scarf it down
Let it burn your throat
Feel it in your veins
All is a haze

The room won't stop moving
The words are slurring
But the thoughts are clear
Awareness shifts form
External to internal
An unwanted glimpse arises
Not enough

Pour another shot
Toss it down
No flavor
Near purity

Quickest to the liver
Strongest to the brain

Drown into the sorrows
The shambles seem endless

Emptiness presides
My angel won't sing
So let the bottle work
for the both of us
Sing its own song
It's not the same
But you aren't there
in my despair
Yet ever present
in my mania
Snuggling your way
back into your resting position

Smiling at the will you've bonded
Grimacing at the will you've broken

The End

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