Dim the lights
Slowly now
We don't want to frighten her away
Otherwise the projections floating around may cease to exist
She's feeding you
Don't question her
Don't think
Don't interpret
Don't pause
No backspaces
Let her flow into you
Goddamn machine
Turn them off
I don't need you guessing the art she sings to me
I've been in this darkness now for twenty minutes
And the rhythm of her breath
The moaning melody around me as we form into one
Are starting to distort into noise
Be quieter
Now I can only hear the taps
Clank clank clank
That's all I can think about
How much I don't want to hear that sound
Now the flow is lost
The music is fading
My mind is returning to this empty present
But I'm not ready to be ripped from my euphoria
I have to invoke it
All goes quiet
All goes numb
All goes dark
And the light from the pixels grow ever prevelant
Waiting for something other than this blinking line to take its place
But nothing comes
The despair overtakes
The anger settles
The eyes lose sight of the beauty before it
And in the madness taking over
Another siren wraps me in her embrace
And the beginning of the end is rebegun

The End

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