My Dark Knight

My dark king, my strength, my love, my life,
For you, I would blow the air from my lungs into yours
for you to breath one more sweet breath,
I would rip the beating heart from my chest
and place it with in your own so you may feel my love for you,
I would gift you with my eyes
so that you may see what I see in you.
Such a perfect being,
no one and nothing can reach your standards inside my heart,
For you, my love, I would lay down my life with out a second thought,
Smiling as I slip into an eternal bliss,
for I know, I will see you again.
I only wish that I could explain to you
the way my heart beats when you lay your eyes upon me,
the way my breath picks up pace when you touch me,
or the way my body shakes relentlessly when you kiss me.
As my eyes grow red,
allowing bitter-sweet tears to stream down my cheeks like waterfalls,
my lips start to tremble
and as you lay pondering all your tiny imperfections,
I pull unheard words from the depths of my weak beating heart,
and whisper..

"If only you could see yourself through my eyes, you would understand why..
Why the earth spins,
Why the summer is hot,
and winter cold,
Why we have night and day,
and why they are both so beautiful,
Why oxygen tastes so sweet,
and why we need such a thing to continue with life.
You would understand..
Why my eyes light up when I look at you,
Why my smile makes you feel warm and happy,
Why my kiss is so tender and sweet when placed upon your lips,
Why my heart beats with the same rhythm as your own.

You are the reason for my strength,
the reason that my scars will fade
and my life will go on.
You are my everything.

I love you."

© 2015 Alicia Wilson

The End

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