My dance


How long can one put up this front

Try and be strong and hunt

Not giving him the chance

To be the man my dance


How high can one build thy wall

Or move the bricks and let them fall

Not letting him find his way

Into my heart to stay


I’m not ready I say

Found in predicament

Of attraction care and fun

The “thinker” in cement


How long can one keep the boundary

Un-swayed by temptation

Free from attachment

to end up in love and lost without a country


My heart goes spastic

When you get to close

Loosing my breath my mind a ghost

Confusion running like a wild horse


so I put myself away

In a dark cage my heart to stay

Safe from hurt so I think

Knowing I’m letting my own boat sink


Is it in our cards

To spend the days

Of sunshine and storm

Together in new ways ?


Is it written in your book


The plan You have for me

To share in Your blessings to be


I will find rest in Your presence

Waiting patiently

For Your voice

To guide my way

The End

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