My CircleMature

To follow it through, I come the same choice

I could stop it form happening, I just need a voice.

Why do I continue, knowing it wont last

Lost in those moments, I'll repeat my past.

Calling myself easy, knowing I'm not

Being friend with benefits is not so easily forgot.

So what am I then, to these people so dear?

Something for the weekend would confirm my fear.

Didnit want relationship, well not from them all,

Is why I anger myself, each new time I fall.

Your eyes are inviting, warm hugs and that smile

Thought it wont hurt to stay for a while.

But I was mistaken, I've done this before

So how can I help but to feel like a whore?

Knowing your feelings wanting some other

Makes me feel worse, some part time lover.

Regret is not an option, I'm the one to choose

But sometimes it can feel I'm the only one to lose.

Trust me I'm not jealoud, but can't hear you complain

Those moments feeling worthless, are so hard to explain.

I shouldn't feel bad for having that fun,

Young, free and single, what's done is done?

So is there any wonder I'm listing cons and pros

Should be focussed on the highs not drowning in the lows.

Am I just naiive or wanting to be taken

Of course we save the friendship from this silly complication.

So where does it all leave me, will my circle finally end?

Someone who wants me, and not an easy friend

The End

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