My Christmas VacationMature

My dad is a horrible driver.
He insists on going at least 70 mph,
even if the road is really curvy,
and wet,
and frozen,
and there are other vehicles in his way.
Each one he passes is a small victory
to him.
To me it is literally a pain in the ass,
and the lower spine,
where I wobble forward and back
as he guns it and then slows down,
and I jerk to the side
as he triumphantly reclaims his rightful lane.
He makes agitated comments about something I can't hear,
presumably the road,
or the rain,
or the other drivers,
to my mom,
who is clutching the handle on the roof
above her window,
and who mutters the appropriate response.
Four hours he's been driving so far,
and still that many to go.
But look on the bright side...
He turned off that unbearable Christmas music.

The End

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