My Children

A personal poem of love, contemplation and why?

It's not fair when you give me your warmth,
when it's cruelty that lays by your side.
You dream of sunsets together,
I dream of answers, why?

Why does my heart control me?
Why does it not know it's mind?
Why do I fear the choices I make?
Why is there so little time?

Time to live a life wrong, and
time to live a life right.
So often sleepless.
Anxious, throughout the night.

In my dreams I have children,
and they bear the faces of you and I.
They are perfect.

Together we watch them grow,
them laugh,

We grow old and grey,
wise enough to be okay.

But when I wake up,
you are not by my side,
And when I think of tomorrow I am afraid,
Afraid of the heart you place in my hand,
for our children will never be,
as we are both,



The End

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