My Challenge

This poem follows the poem. My Confused love, and describes a conflict within a person.

I cannot understand what I'm feeling.

I cannot understand all this

Pain, anger, love, and sorrow

that comes out at one time.

Why does he toy with me?

Why do I let my guard down around him?

I am weak! I am weak enough

that I let him seduce me

just to be physically satisfied.

Yet, I am attracted to him.

I feel love toward him,

And I wish he could see

my heart to know.

Just to know how I feel.

How angry I feel at myself.

I am Lost. I am Blind.

And I just want to fall

into that eternal sleep

at times, because I don't

want to deal with the

Pain and Sorrow of it all.

But I want to stay awake

because I love him.

I love him

And I want to take in every moment I have with him.

Every touch, smell, and taste. Yes taste.

I want to take all those in.



The End

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