My brother's cat

a poem that is based on my cat and my brothers and more

My cat is fat and frumpy

She's a bit like me as I’m grumpy

You feed her and she'll want more

I know, she's such a bore.


But my brothers cat however

Is in and out whenever

She'll always be in a fight

Especially when its night

You are more likely to eat out of a bin

Than to keep that cat in

She'll sometimes sit on your lap

And maybe eat your wrap

If she eats it all

She might be full

But you'll never ever know

Unless her eyes are aglow

She was one of those cats

Who were lucky old bats

All ways pulling through

All we could say was 'phew'

Nine went to one

And then she was gone

I'll damn that car

Whilst I’m at the bar

You took her away

Now you must pay

I'll remember that cat

Even though she was as mad as a rat

She was my brother’s cat.

The End

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