My Briny Blue

I wrote this poem in a surprising half hour; it is short, sweet, and simple. It describes my love for the sea a.k.a. "briny blue." The words come from the heart, because I miss being away from the ocean as well as summer's fleeting season. I also crave to sail and here the expression of that passion spills out.

My briny blue
Though far away
I think of you night and day
How I long to touch the edge of your shore
For every day life seems such a bore

My briny blue
You fill my soul to the brim
With winds that whisper a sweet hymn
I wish to touch the horizon's end
Where sea and sky blend

My briny blue
Your bay is glassy and lull
As the tide slaps the moored sailboat hull
Steady and mysterious!
Yet dark! Yet dangerous!

My briny blue!
I'm caught in your net of wonder
Spellbound by your thunder
I long to again go to sea
Where I may sail free

The End

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