My Box

                                              My Box

My box is filled with treasure of imaginable size and shape.

When you take a peek inside be sure it's no mistake.

For once the lid is opened and you take a look inside.

My heart will not be caged no more,and hopefully my fears will subside.

If you do not accept my gift with an open mind.

There is a return policy specifically for this kind.

I ask you please be carefull with the packaging it's in.

It cannot stand another tearing for that would be a sin.

The wrapper's not as shiny as it was long in the past.

It's made of humble fibers and that is how it last.

You may not make excuses as to why you give it back.

For dignity is an emotion I strongly do not lack.

You should not let it get away,it may never return.

Instead lock my box up tight again so someone else some day may have a turn.

The End

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