I remember hearing it for the first time
and I remember the last time I heard it
and the years that have passed since then
and how I'm not a child anymore: I'm an adult now
but that story still has a special place in my heart.
I have a husband, who loves me
and a daughter, who I love
and another story of my own.
But that book remains with me.


But where has it gone? Where the hell is my book?
Alright, this isn't funny; give it back.
You know how important that book is to me. Just tell me where it is.
I ring my husband before he leaves work to ask him.
He tells me that it's probably in the loft,
that it has probably been there since we moved house.
that it'll be somewhere and we'll find it when he gets in.
It didn't calm me down for long - it wasn't there, the book was gone.

The End

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