Harvesting Seasons

In Springtime,

Seeds are planted, with loving Hands,

sowed, with loving Hearts.

Warmed soil, caressed by the fresh, new Sun,

Plans for the future, Children

of the Harvest.


In Summer,

the Tomatoes ripened, red and kissed with

 Sunrays, and pale Corn,

grows gold. Melons fatten, tucked in garden beds.

Baskets fill with Vegan Gold,

picked before the gentle sun, becomes too harsh and bitter.


In Autumn,

Pumpkins and Squash, give their cheeky grins,

the forests lit afire, with

their crowns of Gold and Rubies. The first breath,

of Winter calls,

Pies roasting in the oven; jams spilling from the pantries.


In Winter,

Snow frosts the lands, blankets the Gardens,

a fresh white quilt for their sleep.

Diamonds, like a thousand fallen stars,

fall from Winter's sullen face,

As we wait for Times of Harvest once again.

The End

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