Hands outstretched, 

you guide me,

through the milky Twilight,

A place of Dreams,

caught between Darkness and Light.

Your eyes are bright,

a pair of suns,

though your expression

is lost to me.

Who are you?

I ask

But my words are lost,

Stolen by the wind.

With your finger, you

trace my lips,

and guide me further,

A latern of Starlight in

your hand,

You lead me across,

A bridge,

a fallen tree, a fallen giant,

over a lake,

reflecting the Face,

Of the Full Moon,

 her Silver cheeks and

 Ghostly eyes.

You point at

Her white face,

I will fetch you the Moon

You say

though your voice is far-away.

I slip,

falling, falling,

Black water biting

Me, and Darkness

swallowing me whole.

My lungs are screaming,


grips my ankle,

And pulls me

deeper and deeper,

Into the Abyss.

Goulish faces,

without eyes,

glare at me.

Beasts of Nightmares,

reach for me.

Your hand grabs,


A beacon piercing,

The Shadows.

Shivering, I stand,

on land, on an emerald knoll.

A half rotten house,

sits atop it,

With a man waving on the front porch,

Wearing a ballcap,

And a toothless grin.

He guides us in,

And feeds us cornbread,

that tastes like chocolate,

while telling the story of his life,

and showing us his Grave.

The last Light fades,

Twilight slipping into night.

You intertwine,

your fingers in mine,

and the world swirls all around.

I wake up,

In my bedroom,


But I know


You're still here.

The End

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