My best friend

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I knew you every day.

Every good day, every bad day.

Some days we wouldn’t speak at all.

Sometimes you hated me, and some days I’d loath you.

Some days we’d do nothing but talk and walk endless circles around the halls.

We’ve dated best friends, and 3-way called our other friends.

Our secrets were mingled, tied.

There was nothing I couldn’t tell you…

even if I didn’t want to.

We grew up from the wild, uncooked cookie mix turned to percolated watermelons.

I forgot that it wouldn’t last forever, and you moved far far away.

But the distance didn’t seem to matter,

because the next time I saw you it felt like I had seen you only yesterday.

But time ebbs, and sometimes it forgets to flow.

You are a different person now, one half of a whole.

It will never be the same, we will never have our unbounded amity again.

There is nothing I wouldn’t give, to keep you in my world.

I cannot let time drive us apart.

I used to know you every day.

But the days, good or bad, never seemed so precious as they do to me now.

You are my sister, my friend whom I love so wholly.

A love I could never before relate to friendship alone.

You are my foundation, my wisdom, and many of my greatest days.

I will not forget you, for as long as you remember me.

The End

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