My best best Juhee

This is my love Juhee!XD>3<

My best best Juhee!

She is my love,

I love her,

I miss her,

I think about her every moment.

She is my best best Juhee.

She is such a annoying girl,

She is always around me,

burgaining for food.

She is always shouting at me,

She displined me like i am her baby,

She is so a weird girl,

making nonsence, gossiping around the school

I love her and i hate her,

we are always close together,

reaching each other like the star,

she got me and i got her

Sometimes we fight,

but it was all jokes,

nothing will make us depart from each other

we are sticking together,

we do everything together.

I can never leave her.

i will never ever...

i treat her like my boyfriend,

yes she is my boyfriend!

She will be my boyfriend forever.

This is my best best Juhee^^>3<


The End

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