My Baby

I feel you move within me
In motion, around the ocean that fills me
And the emotion thrills me
as I sense your little world
Baby boy or girl, I wonder...
as your heart beats quickly,
finding a rhythm, tapping upon my womb

And soon you’ll kick and play about
As you wait for the coming day
The moment you breathe the same air as me
Cuddling as we lay

But until then my baby, maybe
I could sing to you
Bring to you sweet songs of love
then daydream as one
beneath the sun, bright and full above
We... dreaming of wondrous stories,
by morning glory’s in the park
Strolling among flowers for hours and hours
until light became the dark

Ah, but worry not my baby,
for your day comes as sure as dawn
And your cries will announce you
And I’ll hold you close to keep you warm
Kissing you gently, as a summers breeze
wiping the tears from your beautiful eyes
Capturing the moment, frozen in time
As two souls smile, Mother and Child

The End

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