My Assassination

This poem is typically deeper than most poetry I write. It uses a bit of symbolism see if you can spot it. (It's not too hard.)
Depending on how you look at this poem; It could be about suicide. But don't worry I'll never have any plans for that sort of thing..

Life is a knife
Stuck in us all
The more we remove it
The farther we fall
Keep my hand on the handle
Just twist it a bit
Feel my lungs just tremble
Coughing Fit
My breath is a whisper
The pain is a scream
No one is listening
Don’t get what I mean
My legs were just shaking
I fall on my knees
All you people just stab me
A thousand bees
I plunge the knife deeper
Your raising the blade
Sunshine is fading
You welcome the shade
The blade swings
I dodge it, And fall
My death isn’t noticed
Uncared for by all

The End

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