Island from the Sea

Swaying lightly on blue sparkles,

With a crystallised citadel soaring into the sunshine.

Rooted deep into the heart of the planet:

This stony soul that pulses with warmth.

The beach basks in vivid luxury,



In a gradient of cinnamon,

Packed and cool and shadow-damp.

Great brown granite rocks

Rise in formations phenomenal;

A beige species of barnacle

Spatters browning faces.

This is a new dimension of perfection,

A new scope of awe;

This radiant vista lends insight into godly enormity.

Faith erupts,

Doubts plummet,

Jubilation exults and exalts

Above all.

Then witness beauteous layers of geology,

Ordered in that colossal cliff

With such delicacy.

From this parallax it is mighty;

Fortitude, solicitous fortitude—

Where devotion is numinous.

The End

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