My April Fool

Give me a bouquet of white roses
and I'll hold your hand at the altar.
Standing perfectly in sync,
For once, of one mind and one time
Between the both of us,
We will see sense.

Sometimes I wish I'd never told you I never loved you,
Sometimes I wonder whether you had a choice of belief
And if you had chosen grief,
You had no one but yourself to blame
For never seeing what I was shouting to the beat of his drum.

You, no-one but you.

Forever and a night,
Spent forever wondering what would happen if I crossed the line
Once more.
I want something more than what I have here and yet I do not want to overstep,
Over, past tense, get this right.

We can pretend, play everything like we did last time.
Yet now, I hold my own, now, I am not lost and broken
Picking up pieces that were never mine to hold,
Forever waiting on you to realise that maybe now we'd make it,
And then again, maybe not.

If we stood there today,
Face-to-face, taking the one leap of faith I see as the start of everything,
I wouldn't hesitate
And I'd give you my best shot.

I think you had the best of me,
Locked in a ring and a house and a picket fence,
Frozen in my eyes
And forbidden to breathe.

The End

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