These dark thoughts cover my eyes,
Bringing me no good surprise,
My fate in sadness truly cries,
My thoughts become nothing but good lies.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like,
To pass a line through this life of mine,
To separate all I despise,
From the path I want to hike.

When did life become a sin?
When did my voice become so thin?
Like a cluster of goodbyes,
To the happy ones that have died.

Why is nothing ever right?
Why is my throat so dry, so tight?
Why are there tears filling my eyes
When I fear what will arise.

I fought this feeling once before,
When my feet couldn't hold me anymore;
When my hands tremble too much
From this emotion's deadly touch.

I wish to take away my words,
To not cause pain, to not cause tides
In the smoothness of my home;
To not cut these peaceful cords.

How can I grow up to be,
Someone stronger than what is me,
How can I not be affected,
When my words feel so dejected.

I may lash out,
I may not cry,
But something breaks every time
That I am left here all alone,
My voice is mute, I cannot speak.
My loneliness, nothing;
Can I say;
My voice forever will be weak.

The End

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