My World

My world is a place where nothing is sad,

Where the birds fly at nighttime.

The wolves howl freely to the luminescent moon,

My world is a place where everyone is equal but no one's the same.


In my world, laughter is a medicine to illness,

But even illness is not so bad, a cold or a sickness and nothing more.

War is not needed in my world, weapons were never invented,

All the people relax under the lilac skies amongst the wild apple grass.


When people die, they don't fade away,

They become minature glowing fireflies, each one with a unique marking.

And they follow those that are the purest in the world and protect them,

My world is a place where people live in harmony and peace.


The sun shines down happiness eternally,

The turqoize choppy waves of the sea never sweep people away.

There are never grey clouds,

And love is allowed from any gender to any gender.


My world is a happy place, a constant place,

There is only love, hope and happiness.

Unrequited love doesn't exist,

And there is no person better than another.


Evil doesn't exist in my world,

But then again, how do we define evil?

When you read this poem, can you choose if it is good,

If you can't define good at all?


My world is filled with knowledge, questions like that,

But no one argues truly about them, we all live with disagreements.

My world isn't perfect, but it's close to it,

It's the world I dream of every day.

The End

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