My Favourite Abode

When I'm down, and when I frown,

I don't need college and I don't need town.

I don't need my friends to give me cuddles,

I don't need a relationship to make me muddled.


When I'm stressed and when I'm depressed,

I don't want to have to worry about the mess.

I don't want to tear my hair out over college work,

I don't want to wonder about that philosophy lesson - shirk?


When I'm going mental, when I'm feeling sentimental,

I want a dad-made breakfast, possible continental?

I need a mum-made hug, the same as I get most days,

I want my sisters both laughing and joking, always.


I want my safe, nice home, nice and messy,

A little bit cramped and a little bit stressy.

Items from car boots on every single shelf,

Xbox 360 Games...I'm afraid that was myself.


I just love my very special house,

One minute very loud, next minute like a mouse.

This is my most favourite abode,

When I need to release a mental load.

The End

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