Musings– The Poem-a-Day Challenge

this is a poem-a-day challenge to get me to write daily, and I figured why not open it up to everyone to try writing a poem a day! Just pick up whenever and get scribbling

Vaulted echoes of fires and paradise,
Stairways and gates, locks, judgement, and tinder,
Balancing feathers and hearts– e'er precise,
Wings and weights follow, covert or cinder,
Footprints of soil, covenant of sky,
Oceanic depths, ancient oblation,
Demise of Pharaoh burnt slaves for him cry,
Confined when defined, the Chosen nation,
A sail for a keel blowing in favor,
But against the red veins and firmament,
The angelic billows might then savor,
Let the gently flourishing heart lament,
Silent and stricken with purpose remiss,
The inured flag graze the grass for a kiss.

The End

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