Being in the midst of an emotional crises over writing being my purpose, I muse about the hopelessness of my dreams coming to fruition. The intent of this was as a personal release, but reviews are not discouraged.

I'm plagued by a sense of hopelessness
in everyday life I am cheerful, yet
something crucial is missing.
Fragments of my mind are
stretched here and there
for others to pick at;
like vultures they
destroy my rotting hopes.
Keeping my head steady
as well as my voice
is harder everyday.
There is nothing worse
than not being heard.

No one thinks
I have the potential
I believe to possess.
My one wish is to
make everyone see
what I see.
Though it's not in pictures
or sounds
it's still so beautiful
if you take the time.

There are things about life
that make me think
why is this
worth anything?
Making people feel or see
what is inside of me
is useless,
but it is all I can do.
No amount of
coaxing will
force me to quit,
though often it
feels as though I

Things you love
are worth
fighting for.
It always hurts
but keep going
and maybe someday
you'll make someone proud
and be their inspiration.
Maybe you'll move
them to tears and
be the catalyst
that starts the
next great thing.
Maybe you'll be renowned;
hopefully not

Maybe things aren't so bad
But it's hard to stay afloat
in a world so cold
and so long gone
from feeling anything.

The End

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