Musical suicide

Feeling a little inspired for the first time, in a long time.

Porcelain keys float beneath slender fingers, and memories hum away

Each day grows longer then the last, and the night so gray

Inside this isolation, my heart will eternally stay

For you I wait to return, a love so pure

The notes of our fairy tale, fill ears of so many dear

With eyes sealed shut, your face is still clear

For the pain of absence, I shed a single tear

For this heartache, there is no cure

One last short breath, as the blade slides in

A life without your love, is living in sin

I smile,  as the light kisses my skin

As I lay still, in my final couture

The darkness takes me away, and I'm finally free

As I drift closer to your heart beat, to our decree

United in death, just you and me

The End

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