Music is the greatest power on Earth

I was inspired to write this poem while watching Pink Floyd performing "Careful With That Axe Eugene" from the Live In Pompeii DVD. This poem is about what I feel music really is. Each stanza describes a different instrument.


Music is the greatest power on Earth


Music is the greatest power on Earth

Electric conveys amplification; it is the sound of the soul

Every broken heart, falling tear, flash of rage, warm smile, passionate kiss and leap of joy

Is strummed like caressing a woman

Picked like striking a match

Wailed like pulling a man to safety

Hammered like a rivet gun

Bent like the rules of emotion

And slid like grinding rust off an iron plate

It becomes electrified and is then picked up




And finally fills the air with its melody through a big wooden box,

Drifting through the atmosphere as beautiful, eternal sound

Wood, metal and electricity in our hands paints Heaven in our minds


A heartbeat is rearranged in rhythm as the pounding of bass fills the body,

The vibration rattles the bones and rumbles with force and strength

It forces movement

Brings to rise

Waves fists

Stamps feet

Rocks heads back and forth

So much more than a background noise, it is the backbone of any music,

It brings out the dancer in all of us


Time is kept eternal by bashes, crashes, and booms

Seemingly mindless on their own, just loud sounds of wood on metal and hide

But together they become synchronized, perfect, precise, clever and beautiful

From sharp little cymbal strikes piercing our ears to great walls of sound

Bashing against our very soul like storm waves pounding against a sea wall

Again and again the waves come, knocking you back

Spreading endless smiles and cheers among a massive ocean of faces

Watching every move, every stroke of the stick and the feeling that evaporates off the tight skins

Keeping perfect time, forever bashed into the side of history.


A sound is heard and felt drifting through the air,

Above the energy of the gods comes a sound filling the atmosphere like water over silk

A cry is heard; clear and distinct in perfect harmony with the band

So many sounds, so many emotions are projected

The sharp tears of joy and sadness enter the soul as ivory and ebony rise and fall

A more distorted, distant sound is felt rather than heard, when fingers press down on electrics

The sound dissolves into the air, lingering after every gentle press of the keys to our soul

The heart can return to its relaxed, mellow rhythm once the harmony enters the blood

Flowing around the body, chilling the skin, trembles the spine and blurs the eyes

It is the voice of the soul, whispering to us through black and white


Words can beautiful on their own, but passed through the lips of some

Transformed into the words of gods,

Words we wish we could have said,

Portraying how we feel better than how we thought we felt,

A story of life

Of love

Of happiness

Sometimes no words are heard, but instead emotion through pure sound is conveyed

Travelling right through our bodies like smoke through a tree

Man learned to speak, but humanity turned it into art


Music is the greatest power on earth

Only could humanity create such a medium of power, time, emotion, art, soul and melody

In one form, in such a beautiful way as this

Commanding our attention, ensnaring our minds, changing heart beats

Like a pied piper beckoning us to dance

Yet in the end all is just sound, noise travelling through airwaves

But it has always been

And always will be

The greatest power on earth

The End

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