What makes me go? THIS.

Laughter, smiles, winks,
Kisses, embraces
Words of encouragement
None of these are guaranteed
Life blesses me
Not just a face in the crowd
I’ve become more than that now
I’m a man without a plan
But that hasn’t stopped God’s Hands
I feel Him there with each breath of air
Sadness comes
Pain and anger too
But they pass on through
Never staying long
Like a nursery song
They’ve come and gone
Replaced by grace
Can’t keep smiles off my face
Especially when I’m in her embrace
She’s a comfort to my soul
That crucial piece that makes me whole
If I’m cereal she’s my bowl
I just can’t make it without her smile
I’d walk a 5,001 miles
She pumps the volume on my dial
She’s true
Legitimacy, she’s the genuine thing
Don’t be jealous that she wears my ring
Everyday my hearts gonna sing
My whole world before she said “I do”
Gonna hold her close n love her true
She keeps me feeling fresh and new
She’s mine

The End

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