Murder In SilenceMature

There really is no way to properly explain this poem, its just my emotions put in to words.

Murder in silence, death in a grave, suicide that burns holes deep into the skin, cuts that make you bleed, deep inside your mind mentalness has started, making it hard for you to be big hearted. pins and needles on my heart, stopping it from loving. the inside corpse is slowly rotting, dead and decomposing, will be me, home of the evil, death is liuke heaven to me. hate fills body and mind, till no love is left,cant stop this empty feeling that lingers inside, its making it easy to commit suicide, darkness of my soul fills the midnight sky, evil hangs over me like a hallow shadow, covering me in darkness and dis-beliefe, as i walk the roses die and disdain fills the midnight sky, hurry away, back where i can feel best burried under hiding, away from all the rest 

The End

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